InkTec Corporation was founded in 1992 with the company’s motto, “Today’s Technology is never good enough for us”. Started with Ink for Desk-Top Printer at the beginning of company, InkTec has expanded its business area into the large format printer ink market through continuous research & development. Furthermore, InkTec has entered UV Printer market with the company’s own state-of-the-art products as a strategic diversification. With these kinds of endless innovation, InkTec positioned as a true in the field of inkjet-applications.
Moreover, based on our know-how in the fine chemistry of nano-particle level and technology for inkjet applications InkTec has finished the development of silver conductive inks, TEC(Transparent Electronic Conductive) in 2005 with unlimited potentials for applying to all industries such as Touch Screen Panel, Display, EMI Shielding, Printed Memory, Lighting and so on. InkTec will be always on your side by providing not only printer consumables but also parts materials and total solutions as a world-class leading company in inkjet applications & printed electronics.

• The current trend of consumer electronics products is based on the concepts of “light, thin, short, and small”. • The easy winding and thinness of the flexible circuit board make the application requirements grow faster than ever before • Electromagnetic interference generated between individual electronic components and circuit boards cannot be avoided in any electronic product installation. In order to shield the electromagnetic interference and maintain the EMI FILM, it is a solution to the flexible circuit board. Inktec’s EMI products take ultra-thin and ultra-high frequency wireless transmission as the main shaft demand, and gain market opportunities. This series of products are introduced in the following table.

Black Coverlayer

In recent years, more and more mobile phones and wearable devices and other IT products are equipped with wireless charging functions. In order to reflect the functional effects, the demand for thinning of such products has increased. Along with this trend, Inktec has developed a market. There is no ultra-thin, high-segment BT series black cover film. These new materials will lead the market in the future. They will be used in electric vehicles, smart appliances, drones, medical equipment, industrial robots, etc. The following table.

Thermosetting CBF mainly used in FPC reinforcements, Inktec products have stable adhesive strength, shielding of noise effects, and the ability to strengthen the ground, high conductivity, good resistance to reflow adhesion, this series of products introduced in the following table