KOLON Industries, Inc. is competing with leading international companies, such as U.S. Dupont, Japan’s Hitachi and Asahi, and now has over 60% market share in the dry film photoresist industry. The company was also the first company to develop dry films and localize them in the market where foreign products were dominant.Its technology became further recognized through the development of ultra-high resolution films, which require the most advanced technology in the industry. The dry film photoresist market is growing with the expansion of the electronicsmarket, including semiconductors and LCDs, and KOLON Industries, Inc.’s Accuimage® is a photosensitive film with a resist thickness ranging from 5 to 150um and is used for multiple purposes, such as PCB, L/F, packaging, and PDP. The product has met customers’ needs with excellent properties and is increasing market share with outstanding quality and competitive prices compared with existing foreign products.

  KOLON Dry Film provides customers with “3C” service
“Customized Product”->with customer needs to provide customized products
“Cost Saving”->Provide good quality dry film with high-speed exposure and development, no scum and low sludge
“Consulting service”->Provide high yields of recommended production conditions
  KOLON DFR Five characteristics:
1.High resolution and high adhesion
2.Good plating resistance
3.Scum Free & Low Sludge, Foam
4.High transparency homemade PET film
5.Customized dry film width and thickness

Tenting & Etching Series

Tenting & Etching series products are mainly applied to the outer layer processing and inner layer etching process. They have excellent circuit performance and excellent capping hole capability, and have wide applicability. The following table shows the product series.

Plating Series

Plating series products are mainly used in the outer layer plating process. They have excellent line forming performance and wide availability. This series of product descriptions are shown in the following table.

LDI Series

LD/LS series products have been developed by KOLON in recent years to produce ultra-high-sensitivity dry film products for laser exposure machines. The products can be applied at wavelengths of 355nm and 405nm. Their characteristics are products that can realize thin circuit design. This series of products are explained below table