Major technology from Japan and Taiwan. Stable quality , professional formulation and innovation technology are the key values Unsurpassed technical team, most of those have more than 10 years CCL experience, GM Mr. Chen has 20+years CCL and assembly working experience Unique and IP protected production process can provide consistence performance and cost –efficiency Strong cost position for standard grades and high performance for high-end product lines, like Halogen-free and low loss. Strong and long-term relationship with key raw material suppliers ( Cu-foil , fiber and resin) Provide tailor-made materials according to customers’ special requirements.
Product Catalogue
Standard FR-4 for punching process: MGRZ-848
Lead free compatible FR-4: MGRZ-858/868/888A
Halogen free FR-4: MGRZ-668/688
Low Dk and lead free compatible FR-4: MGRZ-888LK