Chung Yu Industry is consistent providing high-tech product developing to electronic& opto-electric industry for more than 20 years, there are originally researches & sales from PCB inks, LED encapsulates, RCC materials; to cover the wide application territory in lithographics, optic coating, heat dissipation, insulation & conductive technologist. Our philosophy is supporting the customers by caring, and the principle is “value on value, quality on quality”, not only for the growth of Taiwan electronic Industry, but also for the global harmony & quality of life.With strong RD& practical experiences, we supply fill range products including solder resist, legend ink & marking ink, can be applied o all kinds process requirement in PCB products, and fits to the optimized application. We are the first LED liquid encapsulant local manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product improving consistently to meat the highly growth both in quality & product specification in LED market. Foreseeing the demand of super luminance LED requirement, we are contributing the chemical knowledge & material expertise to serve in this market.

Solder mask Ink

The solder mask ink has the characteristics of high resolution and low exposure energy, good insulation resistance and high temperature resistance and resistance to gold/chemical tin, with the processing capability of SMT parts, this series of products described in the following table.

Marking Ink

The Marking ink has good printability in operation and is not easy to dry. It has good three-dimensional characters, high whiteness, good yellowing resistance, heat resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. This series of products are described below.

Legend Ink

The legend inks have the advantage of large unit area, low exposure energy and high resolution, and good resistance to etching, making it easier to form lines. This series of products is described in the table below.